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A platform that grows and measures your social and environmental impact

Who Uses MilkCrate for Communities?

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Instant CSR Analytics for social and environmental impact.

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Renters opt to pay an extra $372 a year to live in a green building.

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61% of students look to a school’s commitment to the environment when deciding to apply.

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Receive verified analytics measuring your organization’s impact.

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How the Platform Works

Impact Made Easy

MilkCrate for Communities App

MilkCrate empowers your community to complete sustainable and socially-responsible actions, like visiting triple-bottom-line businesses and volunteering within the local community that will add up to a significant, collective impact. All actions can be customized to fit your members’ needs.

MilkCrate for Communities App
MilkCrate for Communities Earning Points

Extra Motivation with Rewards

MilkCrate for Communities Earning Points

Rewards are a key component to motivating your community members to take action. You don’t have to be a rabbit to know carrots are better than sticks. During your on-boarding and customization process, we will determine the perfect system for your community to help them feel acknowledged and excited about their community’s commitment to impact.

See Your Impact & Benefits

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We’ll track your community’s progress and give you access to the metrics and reports that matter the most to your organization. Then, you get to reward your community for taking steps in the right direction.

MilkCrate stats on a monitor

What’s your impact story?

It’s no surprise that 75% of the companies on the S&P report on environmental sustainability1. These metrics matter because people are drawn to jobs, schools, and brands that are making a positive difference in world, particularly around the environment and the local economy. MilkCrate for Communities connects behavior economics with real world sustainable lifestyle information to create effective community impact. Our fully customizable platform encompasses step-by-step guided challenges (with juicy rewards!) to make positive change easy and fun. The individuals in your community will feel full of purpose and hope as they contribute to a more sustainable future. Get ready to share in that bright future.

1. Governance & Accountability Institute, June 2015

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[MilkCrate for Communities] is great. It’s one thing [to take] the B-Corp assessment, but measuring after the fact is another challenge. 

Angela Vendetti

Angela Vendetti

Food Business Consultant and co-founder of Mugshots Coffeehouse, a founding Philadelphia B Corporation

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